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How to Care for an Oral Piercing

Tongue, and other oral piercings are growing more and more popular… But they can also cause serious complications if they aren’t kept properly cleaned and allowed to fully heal. In this wikiHow, we explore how to give good after-care to these kinds of piercings.


  1. Go to a reliable and certified piercing studio. It might seem like a good idea to pierce yourself, but if you pierce your tongue in the wrong place it can lead to tongue (and skin) deformities. Needles and jewelry needs to be sterilized correctly before it goes anywhere near your mouth!
  2. Though they will tell you how to care for your piercings, it is important to remember that piercings can often develop infections, and lead to serious problems, so be diligent!
  3. After getting it pierced your tongue will swell up to about twice its normal size. Don’t worry, this is normal. Swelling will start reducing in three or five days and go away completely in seven to eight.
  4. The tongue is going to be fully healed after about six to eight weeks. Rinse your tongue and mouth regularly with salt water to prevent infection. During this time do not play with or touch your tongue, and always rinse your tongue if this happens accidentally or after eating food.
  5. You should try to eat mashed food, soups etc. for the first 3 to 5 days, After this eating solid foods should be no problem, but be sure to rinse after eating anything.
  6. After the swelling goes down you can cut back on the mouth rinsing, although due to the fact that food may become lodged within the piercing rinsing after eating food that may get lodged (breads, stringy meats, etc) is a good idea. Once it is fully healed normal oral care (brushing teeth and mouthwash) is sufficient.
  7. There will be a crust, or hard spot around the hole where you’ve been pierced, but this should disappear in two to three months.
  8. Make sure that every piece of jewelry is clean before you put it in your piercing. If it is still within the first 6 months, sterilization of the jewelry is a good idea.

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